In Attendance:
Norene Cragg, Ashraf Hassib, Ryan Brunt, Abe Buwalda, Joanne Sylvester, Jana Koster Wasylyshyn, Wendy Kapriuk, Susan Allister, Kim Maybee and Rhonda Dickson.

Meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm

Financial Report: The financial report for the period ending last fiscal year (September 30, 2020) was reviewed. Joanne Sylvester made a motion to approve the report which was seconded by Ryan Brunt. This received unanimous approval.

Budget Comparison Report: A report was presented showing our incomes and expenses so far, this fiscal year. A large overage in our landscaping budget was due to the expense of cutting all the trees and shrubs away from all the buildings to prevent ant intrusion. Fortunately, this was balanced out with a less than anticipated insurance cost with the net overall effect of only having an overall overage of under $500.00

Plumbing repairs: The plumbing repairs on building 1600 have been completed.  All owners report having good water pressure in each of their units.

Windows Upgrades: We have received two quotes from two different window companies (Budget Glass and Ray’s Windows). Each quote was to obtain estimates for replacing failed units only with similar windows and another quote for the upgrade to vinyl. Unfortunately, some wires were crossed and some quotes were not made correctly.  Abe will speak to each owner individually to better assess where we stand. It does look like it will be about $5,000.00 to repair all the easting failed units. Since this is not in our current budget, Abe will speak to each owner to prioritize which windows need to be completed first.

Electrical Issues – Building 1604:  Due to a recent partial electrical outage in unit 2, it was discovered that the fuse boxes in our utility rooms are mislabeled.  Abe will contact the owners of buildings 1600 and 1602 to determine if the same issue exists in their buildings. Once we know what we are dealing with, we will contact BC Hydro and have then fix any mislabeled fuse boxes. We will also have them provide an accounting of any units affected to see if any large discrepancies exist.

Smoking bylaw:

In our upcoming AGM (Date to be determined), we will be voting on a smoking bylaw which would restrict smoking in all units, and on all common properties with the exception of smokers currently living here – they would be grandfathered in. A designated area would be provided for these smokers. This applies to owners, renters and their guests. Expect some legal fees in the filing of this bylaw.

Meeting adjourned approx. 7:30