This meeting was held using Zoom video conferencing at 7 pm, Thursday, September 7, 2023

In attendance were: Norene Cragg, Abe Buwalda, Robyn Whyte, Todd Wasylyshyn, Wendy Karpuik, Django Dunn , Susan Allison, Kim Maybee, and Rhonda Dickson.

Meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm.

  1. A budget comparison report was shown to all members.  There were increases and unexpected expenses in several areas.
  2. Two budget proposals were discussed:
    1. First proposal: keep the exisiting fees the same for another year and if necessary, borrow from the contingency reserve fund.
    2. Second proposal: Increase the budget to reflect actual operationg costs. This will increase the fees by approximately anywhere from $30 to $40 per unit, dependending on the unit’s square footage. The proposed budget can be viewed here.
    3. It was generally agreed to go with the second option and this will be voted on at our AGM on September 28, 2023.
  3. Django asked if there was anything in our last depreciation report that needed to be addressed.  There is a need to fix our parking lot as there are areas where the tree roots are pushing up the ashphalt creating a tripping hazard.  Abe will get some quotes for getting this taken dare of.
  4. Susan expressed the ongoing concern of aphid poop on the property.  It creates very sticky areas and this is being tracked into other areas and potentially into her suite.  It also tends to make a mess of several cars in the parking lot. Abe will speak to Ryan (Unit 3) again about asking his assistance to add live ladybugs into the offending trees when they first appear next spring / summer.  If that doesn’t work, then Abe will ask Max (the gardener) to spray the affected areas regularly during the aphid poop season.
  5. Susan also asked if Max can ensure the drainage grates are kept clean as when they are clogged, they tend to cause small to medium sized lakes in our parking lot.
  6. Todd asked that some of the windows in his unit be looked at as they are quite breezy. Abe will get estimates from Budget Glass and get this taken care of.
  7. There was also a concern expressed about people not breaking down the cardboard boxes for recycling or just leaving them outside the bins.  This is true for garbage as well – sometimes bags are being left outside the garbage bin and this gets scattered throughout the property. Abe will email all owners about this and will ask landlords to please pass this reminder on to their tenants.
  8. Django also asked if there could be a better solution for our sign out front. Maybe color coding the addresses to match the building colors so people are better able to find the properties.  Abe will discuss ideas with Django.
  9. Abe will also be visiting all units with decks to get an idea of the scope of work required. 

Meeting was adjourned at 7:37 pm.