Minutes – May 17, 2018

Strata Corporation 954

Minutes – General Meeting – May 17, 2018

Meeting held in the home of Alex Thomson – Unit 8, 1602 Morey Road

In Attendance: Norene Cragg, Lydia Kucharuk, Abe Buwalda, Jana Wasylysyn, Alex Thomson, Susan Allison, Gord Woodward, Roger Zheng and Rhonda Dickson

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm

  • Welcome to our new owners Jana Wasylysyn and Gord Woodward.
  • Abe presented the budget comparison report. Some discussion about overages, mainly on building improvements.  These included:
    • Bird-proofing all the buildings
    • Installation of new electrical outlets (outdoors) on all buildings
    • Repair of malfunctioning light sensors fo outdoor lighting
    • Dryer vent cleaning – Unit 10
    • Repairs to building 1602 (deck on Unit 7, replacing siding where needed)
  • Proposed work for later this year:
    • Cleaning of all dryer vents
    • Painting on building 1602 should begin by this weekend.
    • Discussion of preferences for our vegetable garden this year
  • Review of the parking rules. Abe will amend the posted rules to state that double parking only be allowed on a temporary basis
  • Norene Cragg expressed concern that when there are workers or someone moving in to building 1600, they often park their vehicles close to the entrance, making it difficult for others to exit or enter the parking area.  Susan Allison has graciously offered to paint the curb area in red to discourage parking directly in front of the building.  Thanks Susan!
  • Gord asked about the cardboard along side the building 1600. It was explained that was being used by the landscaper, under the new bark mulch. Gord requested that this be placed behind the building somewhere.  Abe will speak to Christiane (landscaper)
  • Susan expressed concern about the tree directly in front of her place. It seems there are broken limbs which could pose a hazard and that the tree might be dying or have a disease.  Abe will speak to Christiane about this as well and if needed, call an arborist for treatment.
  • Alex Thomson requested permission to enlarge the overhang above his entrance.  Since this is not a structural change, and since this will be completed by a professional, no one had any objection. Alex agreed to paint this later to match the exterior painting of the building.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:32 pm.