Minutes – June 1, 2017

Strata Corporation 954

Minutes – General Meeting – June 1, 2017

Meeting held in the home of Alex Thomson – Unit 8, 1602 Morey Road

In Attendance: Norene Cragg, Lydia Kucharuk, Abe Buwalda, Roger Lacasse, Alex Thomson, Susan Allison and Karl Dickson

Meeting called to order at 7:08 pm

No proxies were held so we were unable to reach quorum.

  • Financial Statement – Since we did not have quorum, we were unable to vote on the Financial Statement.  This has been tabled until the next meeting.
  • We spent some time reviewing the Budget Comparison report.  No questions or concerns were raised.
  • Upcoming expenses:
    • Gravel behind Building 1600. Gravel will be ordered next week and spread out behind building 1600.  Christiane (our landscaper) has noticed some extra lumber on the property and has started to build 4 garden boxes.  One of the boxes already have been planted with potatoes. Suggestions from those at the meeting included planting beans, carrots and beets. Abe will let Christiane know these wishes.
    • Painting of building 1600. Susan, Karl & Rhonda will be looking at color choices and will advise Abe by mid June. Painting will begin once we have had some nicer weather and we are sure the building is completely dry.  It was further decided that the strata will rent some scaffolding for this task, to ensure safety of the painter(s).
  • Abe advised everyone of the decision to let David go as our landscaper and have instead hired Christiane Kamerman.  She’s doing a great job!
  • Abe also updated everyone about the Block Watch program being set up in our neighbourhood.
  • It was agreed to hire an electrician to ensure we have at least one working plugin in the front and back of each building,  Abe will follow up.
  • Alex Thomson reminded us that we still need to bird-proof his building. Abe will find someone to do this and to check all the other buildings.
  • Susan Allison requested permission for a cat to stay with her.  She stated that this was an outdoor cat.  The was declined as we have a policy of only indoor cats.

Meeting adjourned at 7:28 pm

NOTE: Roger Lacasse has noticed some silverfish in his apartment.  It was suggested that we add fumigation of all buildings to next years budget.