Minutes – General Meeting – July 28, 2022

In Attendance:
Norene Cragg, Ryan Brunt, Abe Buwalda, Wendy Karpuik, Django Dunn, Susan Allister, Kim Maybee and Rhonda Dickson.  Cameron Baker popped in just near the meeting ending, but was able to meet everyone.

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm

Financial Report: The financial report for the period ending last fiscal year (September 30, 2021) was reviewed. Wendy Karpuik made a motion to approve the report which was seconded by Norene Cragg.

Smoking Bylaw: Everyone was reminded of our new smoking bylaw and what this means for all owners, tenants and visitors. Wendy K. reported that the tenants next door continue to smoke marijuana.  Abe will speak to the landlord (Todd W.)

Budget Comparison Report: A report was presented showing our incomes and expenses so far, this fiscal year. A large overage in our building improvements budget was due to the need to replace a sliding door on Unit 2, clean all dryer vents, and cleaning of all eavestrough.  Fortunately, this was balanced out with a less than budgeted landscaping labor expense (due to Christiana injuring her ankle this spring). We also had a higher than projected snow removal cost. We will try to incorporate these items into our new budget as a yearly expense.

Fireplace Repairs: All fireplaces have now been repaired and those without gas inserts can now use them safely. All owners and tenants are reminded if they are storing any wood for burning that they should not be against the building.

Window Replacements: This is an ongoing issue. The problem now is supply and can take months for windows to get repaired. Window repairs will be in our new 2022-2023 budget and Windows will be replaced in order of need.

CRF (Contingency Reserve Fund): Abe proposed that any money left at the end of this year be deposited into our CRF.  This will be formally proposed at our upcoming AGM, expected about mid September.

Deck Repairs: Wendy requested that her deck be resurfaced and/or repainted in the next year.  This will also need to be incorporated into our building improvement budget item,

Garbage Bins: Susan asks all owners and tenants to please be considerate when closing the garbage lids. Some people are dropping the lids making a loud noise which can be (and is) disruptive especially late night and early morning.

New Budget Items: Abe asked for two new budget items to be added to the next budget:

  1. Website domain registration. This would be about $20 per year.  Abe is hosting the site for free.
  2. Zoom membership: Since most owners prefer online meetings, we could maybe look into this or other alternative.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm