Minutes – April 25, 2019

Strata Corporation 954

Minutes – General Meeting – April 25, 2018

Meeting held in the home of Alex Thomson – Unit 8, 1602 Morey Road

In Attendance: Norene Cragg, Lydia Kucharuk, Abe Buwalda, Mario Caggauauan, Todd Wasylshun, Alex Thomson, Gord Woodward, and Rhonda Dickson

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm

No proxies were held so we were unable to reach a quorum.

  1. Abe advised the strata of the new owners of Unit 12: Ferrin Willie and Jordan Hunt.
  2. The minutes from the general meeting of September 13, 2019, were read.  Alex Thomson moved that the minutes be approved as read, seconded by Gord Woodward. Unanimous approval.
  3. Abe presented the Financial Statement from October 1, 2017, to September 30, 2018. Gord moved that the Financial Statement be approved as submitted. Seconded by Alex Thomson – unanimous approval.
  4. Abe presented a report of expenditures to date.
  5. Abe will check with the bank soon to see if there may be a way to do away with the monthly checks.  maybe with today’s e-deposits, an easier option is available.
  6. The preparation and painting of building 1604 are expected to begin in the next few weeks.
  7. There was some discussion again for our fireplaces. 2 were inspected recently and found to be unsafe.  It was decided (mostly for liability reasons) that we will add the inspection and repair of all the fireplaces to our 2019-2020 yearly budget.  A REMINDER TO ALL OWNERS: Please do not use your fireplace for the burning of any wood, until deemed safe to do so. Abe will look into getting them all inspected as soon as possible after our new fiscal year begins.
  8. Abe advised that the new owners of Unit 12, 1602 Morey Road were interested in extending their rear deck. This has been a verbal request only at this point and no formal request has been made.  Abe advised the new owners that any costs incurred (permitting, licensing, building, land titles amendments etec. are to be paid by the new owners).
  9. The issue of plumbing has come up again.  It seems when the power was disconnected to unit 12 a month ago, the hot water in the bathroom basins in Units 10 and 11 was also disconnected.  We should also look at the cost of adding individual water shut-offs for each unit.  Currently, we only have one main shut-off for each building and should someone need any plumbing repairs/upgrades, the whole building needs to be shut off.  Lydia, from Unit 3, also reports that she hears her hot water tank running at times when she is not using any hot water.
  10. Just this week we have sprayed the perimeter of each building for ants. This could take a couple of weeks before we notice the ants inside dying off. The pest control technician also advised we could have an issue with rats if the lower decks have the skirting in place and moisture is allowed to grow under the decks.
  11. Waste removal and recycling: Abe contacted the waste company. We were able to negotiate a reduction in monthly payments of about $30 per month. Also, we were advised that we no longer need to separate the cardboard/plastic or tin into the individual totes, they can just be thrown in together. HOWEVER, we have been advised that they will no longer accept any plastic bags in the recycling. We could be fined if they continue to find these bags in the recycling totes. Owners, please advise your tenants of this as well, please. Abe will purchase small recycling totes and will distribute to each unit.
  12. There is still a concern of marijuana smoke coming from Unit 9. Abe spoke to Susan about this a few months ago and suggested that Susan’s renter smoke his marijuana outside. The smell is noticed both next door and upstairs. Abe will speak to Susan about this again and if necessary, fines will start to be levied against the unit.  We also discussed the legalities and responsibilities of the strata creating and enforcing smoking rules and bylaws. Currently, under the Strata Act, we have bylaws ensuring owners and strata residents cannot cause a nuisance or hazard to another person or unreasonably interfere with the rights of other persons to use and enjoy the common property, common assets or another strata lot. These bylaws can be used to address second-hand smoke issues.  It was decided that rather than create and file a new bylaw restricting smoking anywhere, we can rely on this section in the act to enforce the smoking issue.
  13. Abe advised that the cost of installing an irrigation system would be about $15,000.00.  It was generally agreed that this was too high a cost and that we would be better served using more sprinklers/soaker hoses etc. and to spend our money on the needed fireplace and plumbing repairs,
  14. Some discussion on charging stations were made.  Something to keep in mind that this may become a new expense in the future as more people are buying electric vehicles. Not a concern at this time.
  15. Again, Abe promised to get the dryer vents cleaned out soon.
  16. Abe will also speak to Christiane, our gardener, to remind her to remove the bark-mulch from the back of building 1602 and replace with a load of gravel.
  17. Abe will also review the status of hot water tanks for all units to determine which ones need to be replaced and when.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Just after the meeting, Lydia reported a bedroom window which seems to be failing.  Abe will look into this.