Minutes – April 22, 2021

This General Meeting was held, using ZOOM software.

In attendance: Norene Cragg, Ryan Brunt, Abe Buwalda. Joanne Sylvester, Todd Wassylyshyn, Susan Allison, Gord Woodward, Rhonda Dickson and Wendy Karpuik.

The meeting was called to order at exactly 7 pm.

  1. Budget: A budget comparison report was presented and a brief discussion followed. The only extraordinary item was the fact that our Condo Insurance was approximately $2,500.00 less than anticipated.
  2. Plumbing: We then discussed the plumbing upgrades that will occur in building 1600. Abe will contact the plumbers and together with them will contact the individual owners to arrange times to be in and out of their units. Each owners unit is expected to take a day or two.  Susan only asked that her unit not be worked on the days of May 5 & 6 as she will be unable to get away from her work then. There will undoubtedly be drywall and painting repairs to be made after the plumbers have completed their work.
  3. Windows: it seems several windows are failing. Abe will check with each individual owner to determine the extent of the failed units and will contact Budget Glass to get an estimate and make arrangements with each owner.  Abe will also ask Budget glass to provide a pricing to upgrade these windows to the more energy efficient reno windows they provide. Each owner will have the option to pay the difference of simply replacing the existing windows or upgrading to a more energy efficient model.
  4. Squirrels: It seems squirrels have been getting into our vegetable gardens. Ryan Brunt is looking into getting traps for these, but is having a difficult time sourcing anything, due to the pandemic.
  5. Dryer Vents: It seems that either Unit 10 or 12 does not have a dryer filter in their dryers, allowing a lot of lint to be trapped in the dryer exhaust.  Gord will check with his dryer (Unit 10) and Abe will speak to Ferrin and Jordan about theirs (Unit 12).
  6. Ants: There does not seems to be any significant issue with ants in any of the buildings. It was stressed to report any increased activity immediately as the carpenter variety can cause significant property damage.
  7. Pergola: Abe and Mario (Unit 4) asked permission to add a pergola to their balcony on the north-east corner. There were no objections.
  8. Smoking bylaw: Abe again raised the issue of smoking. He suggested that he would like to introduce a bylaw at our AGM (Annual General Meeting) that would allow us to grandfather in existing owners and renters, but restrict any new owners and renters from not being able to smoke or vape any substance in their units or within six metre area around any doorway, air intake or open window. There would be. fine associated with any individuals breaching this bylaw in the future. The strata could designate a smoking area for any smokers.
  9. New Renters: Gord (Unit 10) advised the strata that the 3 girls presently renting his unit will be moving out and that three young men will be moving in on May 1st. Gord will provide a Form K once they have moved in.
  10. Miscellaneous: Susan Allison (Unit 9) brought up several concerns:
    1. Apparently the young boy of Ferrin and Jordan has been throwing items off of their balcony. Of note a glass terrarium was recently thrown over resulting in broken glass.
    2. Other instances of broken light bulbs has also occurred.
    3. There is a  rule (#8) https://strata954.ca/rules/ which regards the storage of bicycles under the stairs. Ferrin and Jordan will need to. find another place to store their bikes and/or toys.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:38 pm.