Minutes – AGM September 10 2020

This meeting was held using Zoom video conferencing.

In attendance were: Norene Cragg, Ashraf Hassib (on behalf of Said Hassib), Ryan Brunt, Abe Buwalda, Wendy Karpuik, Susan Allison, Gord Woodward, and Rhonda Dickson.
Abe held two proxies: One for Todd Wasylyshyn and another for Ferrin Willie

Since quorum was established, the meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm.

  1. Wendy Karpuik, the new owner of Unit 8 was introduced to the strata members.
  2. Abe presented a budget comparison report for discussion.
  3. Two budgets were presented for consideration. After discussion a vote was held and Gord Woodward made a motion to approve budget Number 2. This was seconded by Susan Allison and received unanimous approval.
  4. Election of officers. Abe moved that Wendy be our new treasurer. This was seconded by Gord Woodward and received unanimous approval. Abe also made a motion that Susan Allison remain as president, Norene remain as Vice President and that he remain as Secretary / Administrator. This received unanimous approval.
  5. We next voted on the limited use of common property, namely; The decks on Unit 1, 2, 6 and 9 as well as the sheds on Units 4, 7 and 8. Susan made the motion that these be approved and was seconded by Wendy. This received unanimous approval.
  6. Abe brought up the issue of smoking. After some lively discussion it was agreed that a smoke eater / ionizer be used in Unit 2 to mitigate the issue of smoke bothering others in the building. The owner of Unit 2 (Said Hassib) will be leaving on October 3rd for one year so the issue may be revisited upon his return.
  7. There are two owners interested in the extra parking space. Abe will arrange a lottery of some sort to see who will get the extra space. (Between Ferrin Willie and Wendy Karpuik).
  8. With the approval of the new budget we will be going ahead with the plumbing repairs in building 1600.  Since this is a lot of money and since we also need to pay our insurance in January, work might not be completed until the spring.

Meeting was adjourned at 8 pm.