There have been four bylaw amendments registered at the Land Titles Office

July 8, 1998 – Amendment to Section 22 of the Standard Bylaws – Maximum Fines for Infraction of a Rule or Bylaw. The Strata Corporation may fine an owner or tenant a maximum of:

  • $70.00 for each contravention of a bylaw and
  • $70.00 for each contravention of a rule

September 25, 2003– Pet Restriction Bylaw

Strata Property Act
(Section 128)

The Owners, Strata Plan 954 certify that the amendments to the bylaws of the strata corporation were approved by a resolution passed in accordance with section 128 of the Strata Property Act at an annual or special general meeting held on September 8, 2003.

Pet Restriction Bylaw

Use of Property
Bylaw 3, of the Schedule of Standard Bylaws entitled Use of Property, has been amended by replacing (4) with:
4) An owner, tenant or occupant must not keep any pets on a strata lot other than one or more of the following:

  • a reasonable number of fish or other small aquarium animals;
  • a reasonable number of small caged mammals;
  • up to 2 small caged birds;
  • Owners must obtain written approval from the strata corporation before allowing any pets to reside in a strata lot

and adding,

  • An owner who has obtained written approval from the strata corporation for a pet to reside in a strata lot may replace that pet with a similar pet within a reasonable period of time and an owner must advise the strata corporation within 30 days, in writing, if the owner wishes to replace a pet.
  • Owners and tenants shall provide the secretary with the pet’s breed, description, sex, owner, and unit number at time of application.
  • Vicious dogs are not permitted upon common property or within a strata lot. Small dogs only will be allowed.
  • Owners and tenants will be responsible for their visitors’ pets and
    • will make certain that all bylaws and rules concerning pets are adhered to.
    • will see to it that pets may visit for a maximum of one week at a time with four weeks between visits.

Applications for exceptions to this bylaw may be made in writing to the strata corporation.
Limits to pet bylaws

123 (1) A bylaw that prohibits a pet does not apply to a pet living with an owner, tenant or occupant at the time the bylaw is passed and which continues to live there after the bylaw is passed.


That the fine limit be raised from the current $75.00 per incident to $150.00 per incident so that:

  • $150.00 for each contravention of a bylaw and
  • $150.00 for each contravention of a rule, except as outlined in the current rules

October 6, 2021 –  Amendment to Section 128 – Smoking & cultivation Prohibition Bylaw

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